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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Vitamin B-6-Induced Neuropathy: Exploring the Mechanisms of Pyridoxine ToxicityHadtstein, Felix; Vrolijk, Misha
2021Putting ATM to BED: How Adipose Tissue Macrophages Are Affected by Bariatric Surgery, Exercise, and Dietary Fatty AcidsTurner, Laurent; Santosa, Sylvia
2021Nutritional Status Impacts Epigenetic Regulation in Early Embryo Development: A Scoping ReviewCai, Shuang; Quan, Shuang; Yang, Guangxin; Chen, Meixia; Ye, Qianhong; Wang, Gang; Yu, Haitao; Wang, Yuming; Qiao, Shiyan; Zeng, Xiangfang
2021Protein Intake from Birth to 2 Years and Obesity Outcomes in Later Childhood and Adolescence: A Systematic Review of Prospective Cohort StudiesStokes, Alexandra; Campbell, Karen J; Yu, Hong-Jie; Szymlek-Gay, Ewa A; Abbott, Gavin; He, Qi-Qiang; Zheng, Miaobing
2021Validity of Body-Composition Methods across Racial and Ethnic PopulationsBlue, Malia NM; Tinsley, Grant M; Ryan, Eric D; Smith-Ryan, Abbie E
2021Ethnic Differences in Iron StatusKang, Wanhui; Barad, Alexa; Clark, Andrew G; Wang, Yiqin; Lin, Xu; Gu, Zhenglong; O’Brien, Kimberly O
2021Effects of Foods Fortified with Zinc, Alone or Cofortified with Multiple Micronutrients, on Health and Functional Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisTsang, Becky L; Holsted, Erin; McDonald, ChristineM; Brown, Kenneth H; Black, Robert; Mbuya, Mduduzi NN; Grant, Frederick; Rowe, Laura A; Manger, Mari S
2021Pro-biomics: Omics Technologies To Unravel the Role of Probiotics in Health and DiseaseKiousi, Despoina Eugenia; Rathosi, Marina; Tsifintaris, Margaritis; Chondrou, Pelagia; Galanis, Alex
2021Dietary Assessment Methods to Estimate (Poly)phenol Intake in Epidemiological Studies: A Systematic ReviewXu, Yifan; Sayec, Melanie Le; Roberts, Caroline; Hein, Sabine; Rodriguez-Mateos, Ana; Gibson, Rachel
2021A Systematic Review of Salt Reduction Initiatives Around theWorld: AMidterm Evaluation of Progress Towards the 2025 Global Non-Communicable Diseases Salt Reduction TargetSantos, Joseph Alvin; Tekle, Dejen; Rosewarne, Emalie; Flexner, Nadia; Cobb, Laura; Al-Jawaldeh, Ayoub; Kim, Warrick Junsuk; Breda, Joao; Whiting, Stephen; Campbell, Norm; Neal, Bruce; Webster, Jacqui; Trieu, Kathy
2021Association between the Urinary Sodium to Potassium Ratio and Blood Pressure in Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisNdanuko, Rhoda N; Ibrahim, Rukayat; Hapsari, Retno A; Neale, Elizabeth P; Raubenheimer, David; Charlton, Karen E
2021A Systematic Review of Dietary Influences on Fecal Microbiota Composition and Function among Healthy Humans 1–20 Years of AgeDinsmoor, Andrew M; Aguilar-Lopez, Miriam; Khan, Naiman A; Donovan, Sharon M
2021Dietary Intake and Circulating Concentrations of Carotenoids and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: A Dose-Response Meta-Analysis of Prospective Observational StudiesJiang, Yi-Wen; Sun, Zhong-Han; Tong, Wen-Wei; Yang, Kun; Guo, Kun-Quan; Liu, Gang; Pan, An
2021Potato Consumption and Risk of Site-Specific Cancers in Adults: A Systematic Review and Dose-Response Meta-Analysis of Observational StudiesMofrad, Manije Darooghegi; Mozaffari, Hadis; Askari, Mohammad Reza; Amini, Mohammad Reza; Jafari, Alireza; Surkan, Pamela J; Azadbakht, Leila
2021Higher Mushroom Consumption Is Associated with Lower Risk of Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational StudiesBa, Djibril M; Ssentongo, Paddy; Beelman, Robert B; Muscat, Joshua; Gao, Xiang; Jr, John P Richie
2021The Dietary Inflammatory Index and Human Health: An Umbrella Review of Meta-Analyses of Observational StudiesMarx, Wolfgang; Veronese, Nicola; Kelly, Jaimon T; Smith, Lee; Hockey, Meghan; Collins, Sam; Trakman, Gina L; Hoare, Erin; Teasdale, Scott B; Wade, Alexandra; Lane, Melissa; Aslam, Hajara; Davis, Jessica A; O’Neil, Adrienne; Shivappa, Nitin; Hebert, James R; Blekkenhorst, Lauren C; Berk, Michael; Segasby, Toby; Jacka, Felice
2021Ultra-processed Foods and Cardiovascular Diseases: Potential Mechanisms of ActionJuul, Filippa; Vaidean, Georgeta; Parekh, Niyati
2021Dietary Diversity Indicators and Their Associations with Dietary Adequacy and Health Outcomes: A Systematic Scoping ReviewVerger, Eric O; Port, Agnes Le; Borderon, Augustin; Bourbon, Gabriel; Moursi, Mourad; Savy, Mathilde; Mariotti, François; Martin-Prevel, Yves
2021Association of Vitamin D Status with SARS-CoV-2 Infection or COVID-19 Severity: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisKazemi, Asma; Mohammadi, Vida; Aghababaee, Sahar Keshtkar; Golzarand, Mahdieh; Clark, Cain CT; Babajafari, Siavash
2021Perspective: Milk microRNAs as Important Players in Infant Physiology and DevelopmentLeroux, Christine; Chervet, Mathilde Lea; German, J Bruce
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22