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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022EvaluationofProteinQualityinHumansand InsightsonStableIsotopeApproachestoMeasure Digestibility–AReviewBandyopadhyay, Sulagna; Kashyap, Sindhu; Calvez, Juliane
2022BodyCompositionandProstateCancerRisk: ASystematicReviewofObservationalStudiesPurcell, Sarah A; POliveira, Camila L; Mackenzie, Michelle
2022HealthEffectsofIncreasingProteinIntakeAbove theCurrentPopulationReferenceIntakeinOlder Adults:ASystematicReviewoftheHealthCouncil oftheNetherlandsHengeveld, Linda M; Goede, Janette de
2022DairyConsumptionandTotalCancerand Cancer-SpecificMortality:AMeta-Analysis ofProspectiveCohortStudiesJin, Shaoyue; Je, Youjin
2022VitaminDandMultipleHealthOutcomes: AnUmbrellaReviewofObservationalStudies, RandomizedControlledTrials,andMendelian RandomizationStudiesLiu, Di; Meng, Xiaoni; Tian, Qiuyue; Cao, Weijie; Fan, Xin; Wu, Lijuan; Song, Manshu; Meng, Qun; Wang, Wei; Wang, Youxin
2021Comment on "Associations Between Tea and Cancer Risk in Two Umbrella Reviews"-
2021The Efficacy of Ketogenic Therapies in the Clinical Management of People with Neurodegenerative Disease: A Systematic ReviewDewsbury, Lauren S; Lim, Chai K; Steiner, Genevieve Z
2021Calorie Restriction as a New Treatment of Inflammatory DiseasesKökten, Tunay; Hansmannel, Franck; Ndiaye, Ndeye Coumba; Heba, Anne-Charlotte; Quilliot, Didier; Dreumont, Natacha; Arnone, Djésia; Peyrin-Biroulet, Laurent
2021Effect of Acid or Base Interventions on Bone Health: A Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis, and Meta-RegressionHan, Yibing; An, Min; Yang, Li; Li, Liuran; Rao, Shitao; Cheng, Yanzhen
2021Functional Meat Products as Oxidative Stress Modulators: A ReviewMacho-González, Adrián; Bastida, Sara; Garcimartín, Alba; López-Oliva, María Elvira; González, Pilar; Benedí, Juana; González-Muñoz, María José; Sánchez-Muniz, Francisco J
2021Sucralose and Cardiometabolic Health: Current Understanding from Receptors to Clinical InvestigationsRisdon, Sydney; Battault, Sylvain; Romo-Romo, Alonso; Roustit, Matthieu; Briand, Loic; Meyer, Grégory; Almeda-Valdes, Paloma; Walther, Guillaume
2021Effects of Unsweetened Preloads and Preloads Sweetened with Caloric or Low-/No-Calorie Sweeteners on Subsequent Energy Intakes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Controlled Human Intervention StudiesLee, Han Youl; Jack, Maia; Poon, Theresa; Noori, Daniel; Venditti, Carolina; Hamamji, Samer; Musa-Veloso, Kathy
2021Metabolic Strategies for Inhibiting Cancer DevelopmentIcard, Philippe; Loi, Mauro; Wu, Zherui; Ginguay, Antonin; Lincet, Hubert; Robin, Edouard; Coquerel, Antoine; Berzan, Diana; Fournel, Ludovic; Alifano, Marco
2021Health Coaching Strategies for Weight Loss: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisSieczkowska, Sofia Mendes; Lima, Alisson Padilha de; Swinton, Paul Alan; Dolan, Eimear; Roschel, Hamilton; Gualano, Bruno
2021Healthy Aging—Nutrition Matters: Start Early and Screen OftenRoberts, Susan B; Silver, Rachel E; Das, Sai Krupa; Fielding, Roger A; Gilhooly, Cheryl H; Jacques, Paul F; Kelly, Jennifer M; Mason, Joel B; McKeown, Nicola M; Reardon, Meaghan A; Rowan, Sheldon; Saltzman, Edward; Shukitt-Hale, Barbara; Smith, Caren E; Taylor, Allen A; Wu, Dayong; Zhang, Fang Fang; Panetta, Karen; Booth, Sarah
2021Nutrition in HIV-Infected Infants and Children: Current Knowledge, Existing Challenges, and New Dietary Management OpportunitiesFabusoro, Olufemi K; Mejia, Luis A
2021Prophylactic Probiotic Supplementation for Preterm Neonates—A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Nonrandomized StudiesDeshmukh, Mangesh; Patole, Sanjay
2021Alcohol and Brain Development in Adolescents and Young Adults: A Systematic Review of the Literature and Advisory Report of the Health Council of the NetherlandsGoede, Janette de; Mark-Reeuwijk, Kerstin G van der; Braun, Kees P; Cessie, Saskia le; Durston, Sarah; Engels, Rutger CME; Goudriaan, Anna E; Moons, Karel GM; Vollebergh, Wilma AM; Vries, Taco J de; Wiers, Reinout W; Oosterlaan, Jaap
2021Meal Pattern Analysis in Nutritional Science: Recent Methods and FindingsO’Hara, Cathal; Gibney, Eileen R
2021Western Dietary Patterns, Foods, and Risk of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Review andMeta-Analysis of Prospective Cohort StudiesQuan, Wei; Zeng, Maomao; Jiao, Ye; Li, Yong; Xue, Chaoyi; Liu, Guoping; Wang, Zhaojun; Qin, Fang; He, Zhiyong; Chen, Jie
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 36