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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Caesarean sections and outcomes of labor induction after the introduction of a new intravaginal device: retrospective analysisAnzeljc, Veronika; Mujezinović, Faris
2021Caffeinated Coffee Consumption and Health Outcomes in the US Population: A Dose–Response Meta-Analysis and Estimation of Disease Cases and Deaths AvoidedMaso, Matteo Di; Boffetta, Paolo; Negri, Eva; Vecchia, Carlo La; Bravi, Francesca
2022Calcium Intake and Metabolism in Infants and Young Children: A Systematic Review of Balance Studies for Supporting the Development of Calcium RequirementsP Shertukde, Shruti; S Cahoon, Danielle; Prado, Belen; Copeland Cara, Kelly; Chung, Mei
2022-10A call to action: More collaborative implementation research is needed to prevent chronic diseaseWolfenden, Luke; Hawe, Penelope; Rychetnik, Lucie; dkk.
2021Calorie Restriction as a New Treatment of Inflammatory DiseasesKökten, Tunay; Hansmannel, Franck; Ndiaye, Ndeye Coumba; Heba, Anne-Charlotte; Quilliot, Didier; Dreumont, Natacha; Arnone, Djésia; Peyrin-Biroulet, Laurent
2021-10Can ACGME Milestones predict surgical specialty board passage: an example in Obstetrics and GynecologyOttum, Sarah; Chao, Conrad
2022-02Can hysteroscopy be substituted to hysterosalpingography in the assessment of infertility? Methods of showing tubal transition as hysteroscopicYanar, Buket Aydın; Pek, Eren
2020-02Can pregnancy following muscle-sparing transverse abdominis myocutaneous (MS-TRAM) flaps be safe on abdominal wall?K.-C. Moon, K.-C. Moon
2021-06Can requirement for blood transfusion be predicted before delivery? Analysis of risk factors for blood transfusion in patients with postpartum hemorrhageSalık, Fikret
2021-10Can serum biochemical markers be used to establish a relationship between idiopathic polyhydramnios and antenatal aneuploidy?Sahin, Ozgur; Tolunay, H. Egemen
2021-08Can venous cord blood neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio and platelet to lymphocyte ratio predict early-onset sepsis in preterm infants?Chen, Shu-Jun; Zheng, Xie-Xia
2021-02Can we predict and take a proper treatment for postpartum pulmonary embolism? A single institution review of five casesChung, Soo-Ho; Cho, Chang Woo
2020CanChildrenCatchupfromtheConsequencesof Undernourishment?EvidencefromChildLinear Growth,DevelopmentalEpigenetics,andBrainand NeurocognitiveDevelopmentLeroy, Jef L; Frongillo, Edward A; Dewan, Pragya
2020CanImprovedLegumeVarietiesOptimizeIron StatusinLow-andMiddle-IncomeCountries?A SystematicReviewMutwiri, Linet N; Kyallo, Florence
2021-04Capacities and Needs Assessment on Health Emergency Management in Biliran Province, PhilippinesN Riveral, Willard; Anthony D. Ramagos, John; Madelyn M. Collera, Marian; B. Ohiman, Jeremy
2021-10Capacities and Needs Assessment on Health Emergency Management in Biliran Province, PhilippinesN Riveral, Willard; D. Ramagos, John Anthony; M. Collera, Marian Madelyn; B. Ohiman, Jeremy
2020-04Cardiovascular Risk Estimation in Patients with Hypertension: A Cross- Sectional StudyPutri Calisanie, Nyayu Nina; Susanti, Santi; Lindayani, Linlin
2018-02-05The care of older people with dementia in rural Australian hospitals – a case study AUTHORSKay Shannon, Mary Cruickshank; Dr Laurie Grealish
2020Care Support Education: Optimization Model of Communication Change Behavior in Female Sex WorkersAzinar, Muhammad; Fibriana, Arulita Ika; Matahari, Ratu; Nisa, Alfiana Ainun