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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11Assessing the Quality of Existing Clinical Practice Guidelines for Chemotherapy Drug Extravasation by Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation IIBahrami, Masoud; Karimi, Tayebeh; Yadegarfar, Ghasem; Norouzi, Ali
2021-09Current State of Palliative Care in Iran and Related Issues: A Narrative ReviewBagheri, Imane; Hashemi, Narges; Bahrami, Masoud
2021-03Designing Virtual Patients for Education of Nursing Students in Cancer CourseBahrami, Masoud; Hadadgar, Arash; Fuladvandi, Masoumeh
2019-07The Effect of a Health Literacy Promotion Program on the Level of Health Literacy and Death Anxiety in Women with Breast CancerBahrami, Masoud; Behbahani, Marjan Aboudzadeh
2022-01The Effect of a Spiritual Care Program on the Self‑Esteem of Patients with Cancer: A Quasi‑Experimental StudyKarimi, Roya; Mousavizadeh, Ruhollah; Mohammadirizi, Shahla; Bahrami, Masoud
2018-03Hardiness and Optimism in Women with Breast CancerBahrami, Masoud; Mohamadirizi, Soheila; Mohamadirizi, Shahla
2019-01Impact of a Spiritual Care Program on Spiritual Wellbeing of Oncology Nurses: A Randomized Clinical TrialMehdipoorkorani, Ladan; Bahrami, Masoud; Mosavizade, Rohallah
2019-01The Needs of Women Who Have Experienced Pregnancy Termination Due to Fetal Anomalies: A Literature ReviewKamranpour, Bahareh; Noroozi, Mahnaz; Bahrami, Masoud
2021-05Pediatric Ward Nurses’ Caring Self-Efficacy Scale: Development and  ValidationBahrami, Masoud; Alavi, Azam; Zargham‑ Boroujeni, Ali; Yousefy, Alireza
2021-09Self‑Compassion and Adherence to Treatment in Patients with CancerKhalili, Neda; Bahrami, Masoud; Ashouri, Elaheh
2018-03A Survey of Nurses’ Compliance with Hand Hygiene Guidelines in Caring for Patients with Cancer in a Selected Center of Isfahan, Iran, in 2016MostafazadehBora, Mostafa; Bahrami, Masoud; Hosseini, Abbas
2021-03Termination of Pregnancy for Fetal Anomalies: A Qualitative Study of the Informational and Educational Needs of WomenKamranpour, Bahareh; Noroozi, Mahnaz; Bahrami, Masoud