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Title: Termination of Pregnancy for Fetal Anomalies: A Qualitative Study of the Informational and Educational Needs of Women
Other Titles: IJNMR
Authors: Kamranpour, Bahareh
Noroozi, Mahnaz
Bahrami, Masoud
Keywords: Congenital abnormalities
needs assessment
qualitative research
Issue Date: Mar-2021
Publisher: Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation
Citation: Volume 26 ¦ Issue 2 ¦ March-April 2021
Abstract: Diagnosing congenital fetal anomalies before birth is considered an emotionally devastating experience. To facilitate the process of compatibility with this event, healthcare providers should determine various needs of these women. The present study was conducted to explore the informational and educational needs of women who have experienced pregnancy termination because of fetal anomalies. Materials and Methods: The present study was a qualitative content analysis. Forty participants (women, their spouses, and healthcare providers) in Rasht city, Iran, were selected using purposive sampling method with maximum variety and their data were gathered using in‑depth interviews and field notes. Data were analyzed using conventional qualitative content analysis with Graneheim and Lundman approach. Results: After analyzing the text of the interviews, the informational and educational needs of women who have experienced pregnancy termination because of fetal anomalies were categorized in three main categories of “receiving information tailored to the client’s circumstances,” “learning life skills to cope,” and “getting prepared for the next pregnancy.” Conclusions: The results, by exploring and magnifying the informational and educational needs of these women, could present an appropriate context for providing principal care and cultural‑based interventions with an emphasis on comprehensive education and counseling. Also, proper implementation of the process of obtaining informed consent from the women to terminate the pregnancy is essential. These could facilitate the conditions for their return to normal life and ultimately promote their health.
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