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Title: A Survey of Nurses’ Compliance with Hand Hygiene Guidelines in Caring for Patients with Cancer in a Selected Center of Isfahan, Iran, in 2016
Other Titles: IJNMR
Authors: MostafazadehBora, Mostafa
Bahrami, Masoud
Hosseini, Abbas
Keywords: Hand hygiene
Issue Date: Mar-2018
Citation: Volume 23 ¦ Issue 2 ¦ March-April 2018
Abstract: AI), especially in patients with cancer. The aim of this study was to determine nurses’ compliance with hand hygiene guidelines in caring for patients with cancer in a selected center in Isfahan, Iran, in 2016. Materials and Methods: The present observational study was conducted on nurses in a cancer center in Isfahan in 2016. The participants were selected via convenience sampling method. Nurses serving at bedsides and willing to participate were entered into the study. Data were collected through the direct observation of nurses during delivering routine care, using the standard checklist for direct observation of the “five moments for hand hygiene” approach. Results: In the present study, 94 nurses were studied at 500 clinical moments. The overall hand hygiene compliance rate was 12.80%. The highest hand hygiene compliance rate was observed in the after body fluid exposure moment (72.70%). In addition, hand hygiene compliance rate in preprocedure indications (before patient contact and before aseptic procedure) and postprocedure indications (after patient contact, after body fluid exposure, and after patient surrounding contact) were 3.40 and 21%, respectively, which had a significant correlation (p = 0.001). Conclusions: The findings indicate that the hand hygiene compliance rate among nurses was low. Further research in this regard is recommended in order to find the causes of low compliance with hand hygiene and design interventions for improvement in hand hygiene compliance rate among nurses.
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