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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07Insulin Resistance in Obese Women: Does it Affect Fertility ?Purnomo, Satrio B.; Utama, Bobby I.; Yusrawati, Yusrawati; John, Ori; Iqbal, Muhammad
2021-10The Role of Ferritin Levels Serum of Third Trimester Obese Pregnant Women in Neonatal OutcomeHarahap, Rudy S.; Hasanuddin, Hasanuddin; Andalas, Mohd; Rajuddin, Rajuddin; Yeni, Cut M.
2021Altered Baseline of Plasma Glucagon Level in pre-Obese to very Obese PersonsLesmana, Ronny; Mulyanaga, William Giovanni; Mukarommah, Siti Baitul; Goenawan, Hanna; Dharmayanti, Meita; Sugianli, Adhi
2021-06Effect of Dreall Healthy about Sedentary Life Style for Increasing Motivation to Children with ObesityRizona, Firnaliza; Rahmawati, Fuji; Septiawati, Dwi
2020-04The case for action on socioeconomic differences in overweight and obesity among Australian adults: modelling the disease burden and healthcare costsGearon, Emma; Backholer, Kathryn; Lal, Anita; Nusselder, Wilma; Peeters, Anna
2021-10Framing of nutrition policy issues in the Australian news media, 2008-2018Wise, Kirstin; Cullerton, Katherine
2023-02Understanding the confluence of injury and obesity in a Grade 2 obesity and above populationFranklin, Richard C.; Franklin, Janet L.; Swinbourne, Jessica M.; dkk.
2020Obesity is associated with depression in Malaysian schoolchildren: A cross-sectional studySaid Nurumal, Mohd; Zainal Abidin, Rohulizzat; Nabeel Ibrahim, Wisam; Lokman Md Isa, Muhammad; Kamil Che Hasan, Muhammad
2020Perspective: Human Milk Oligosaccharides: Fuel for Childhood Obesity Prevention?Maessen, Sarah E; Derraik, José GB; Binia, Aristea; Cutfield, Wayne S
2020Recent Research on the Health Benefits of Blueberries and Their AnthocyaninsKalt, Wilhelmina; Cassidy, Aedin; Cassidy, Aedin; Howard, Luke R; Krikorian, Robert; Stull, April J; Tremblay, Francois; Zamora-Ros, Raul