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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02A public health advocacy approach for preventing and reducing gambling related harmDavid, Jennifer L.; Thomas, Samantha L.; Randle, Melanie; Daube, Mike
2020-10‘It’s a tradition to go down to the pokies on your 18th birthday’ – the normalisation of gambling for young women in AustraliaMcCarthy, Simone; Thomas, Samantha; Pitt, Hannah; Daube, Mike; Cassidy, Rebecca
2020-12Australian childcare centres are too close to car parks exposing children with developing lungs to high levels of traffic pollutionBirch, Harrison; Walter, Clare; Irving, Louis; Dharmage, Shymali C.; Smallwood, Natasha
2021-04A multiple site community outbreak of COVID-19 in Sydney, AustraliaCapon, Adam; Ousta, Dima; Ferson, Mark; Ingleton, Andrew; Sheppeard, Vicky
2021-06Surveillance of suicide deaths involving gases in Australia using the National Coronial Information System, 2006 to 2017Burnett, Alexander C.R.; Chen, Nicola A.; McGillivray, Lauren; Larsen, Mark E.; Torok, Michelle
2021-10How are COVID-19 knowledge and concern associated with practising preventive behaviours in Australian adults?Khalesi, Saman; Vandelanotte, Corneel; Thwaite, Tanya L.; dkk.
2021-12Interventions to reduce sugar-sweetened beverage consumption using a nudge approach in Victorian community sports settingsForsyth, Adrienne; Nicholson, Matthew; Skiadopoulos, Anne; Trakman, Gina; Devlin, Brooke; Belski, Regina; Randle, Erica; O’Halloran, Paul; Cameron, Matthew; Staley, Kiera
2021-12Sexual health service adaptations to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic in Australia: a nationwide online surveyPhillips, Tiffany R.; Fairley, Christopher K.; Donovan, Basil; dkk.
2022-04Out of the trenches; prevalence of Australian veterans among the homeless population and the implications for public healthWood, Lisa; Flatau, Paul; Seivwright, Ami; Wood, Nicholas
2022-10Tuberculosis mortality: quantifying agreement in clinical cause of death assessmentsDenholm, Justin T.; Marais, Ben J.; Donnan, Ellen J.; Waring, Justin; Stapledon, Richard; Taylor, Jemma W.; Mahanty, Siddhartha