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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-02The ability of five different front-of-pack labels to assist Australian consumers to identify healthy versus unhealthy foodsPettigrew, Simone; Jongenelis, Michelle I.; Talati, Zenobia; Dana, Liyuwork M.; Hercberg, Serge; Julia, Chantal
2023-02A cross-sectional health literacy profile of Australian regional adults using the Health Literacy Questionnaire©Beasant, Bonnie; Sanigorski, Andrew; Brayshaw, Nic; dkk.
2023-02Exploring grandparents’ receptivity to and preferences for a grandchild nutrition-focused intervention: A qualitative studyRobinson, Abby; Jongenelis, Michelle I.; Morley, Belinda; Talatic, Zenobia
2023-02SARS-CoV-2 Seroprevalence in a Cohort of International Travellers Returning to Rural Australia: Enablers and Barriers to Containment of COVID-19Jackson, Justin; Chan, Chun; McBurnie, Jacqueline; dkk.
2023-02Modelling jurisdictional disparities in the cascade of care for chronic hepatitis B in Australia: impact of treatment uptake on mortalityMcCulloch, Karen; Romero, Nicole; Allard, Nicole; MacLachlan, Jennifer H.; Cowie, Benjamin C.
2023-02Beyond the case numbers: Social determinants and contextual factors in patient narratives of recovery from COVID-19Hitch, Danielle; Defe´in, Elle; Lloyd, Melanie; dkk.
2023-02“They’re sleek, stylish and sexy:” selling e-cigarettes onlineBara, Roy Pefi Riwu; McCausland, Kahlia; Swanson, Maurice; Scott, Lucy; Jancey, Jonine
2023-02Estimating the proportion of Victorians infected with COVID-19 during the Omicron BA.1 epidemic wave of January 2022 in AustraliaAltermatt, Aime´e; Heath, Katherine; Saich, Freya; dkk.
2023-02Challenges and opportunities associated with e-cigarettes in Australia: A qualitative studyJongenelis, Michelle I.
2023-02Dose–response associations between modifiable lifestyle behaviours and anxiety, depression and psychological distress symptoms in early adolescenceSmout, Scarlett; Gardner, Lauren A.; Newton, Nicola; Champion, Katrina E.