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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Racial-Ethnic Disparities in Obesity and Biological, Behavioral, and Sociocultural Influences in the United States: A Systematic ReviewMin, Jungwon; Goodale, Hailee; Xue, Hong; Brey, Rebecca; Wang, Youfa
2020-08A randomized controlled trial comparing acarbose vs. insulin therapy for gestational diabetes in individuals with inadequate glycemic control by diet alone J.Rodriguez, J. A. Villarreal-; Adame, L. G. Mancillas
2019-10A randomized placebo-controlled pilot study of the effect and duration of Amphora, a multipurpose vaginal pH regulator, on vaginal pHS. Nayak, S. Nayak
2020Rapid Assesment Pencatatan Sipil dan Statistik Hayati di Tiga Daerah di IndonesiaPrayitno, Lukman; Musadad, Anwar Dede
2021-06Rapid Assessment of Personnel and Equipment Availability in Sports Medicine ServicesParamita, Bunga Listia; Darmawan, Ede Surya
2020-08Rapid diagnostic testing of a neonate in a family with hypertrophic cardiomyopathyH. Ueda, H. Ueda; T. Miyamoto, T. Miyamoto
2022-12Rapid on-site molecular Point of Care Testing during influenza outbreaks in aged care facilities improves antiviral use and reduces hospitalisationEscarate, Elizabeth; Jones, Christian G.; Clarke, Elizabeth; dkk.
2021-02Rapid review of five years of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research in Australia – persisting under-representation of urban populationsJennings, Warren; Spurling, Geoffrey; Shannon, Brett; Hayman, Noel; Askew, Deborah
2020-06A rare BMP15 genetic variant in a patient with premature ovarian insufficiency and two spontaneous pregnanciesR. Robeva, R. Robeva; S. Andonova, S. Andonova
2021-04Rare chromosomal abnormalities: Can they be identified using conventional first trimester combined screening methods?Kane, Daniel; E. D’Alton, Mary; D. Malone, Fergal
2021-04Rare chromosomal abnormalities: Can they be identified using conventional first trimester combined screening methods?Kane, Daniel; E. D’Alton, Mary; D. Malone, Fergal
2022-02Rare extragenital endometriosis: pathogenesis and therapyFedele, Francesco; Di Fatta, Simona
2022Ratio of Vascular Pedicle Width and Thoracic Diameter to Differentiate Cardiogenic and Non-Cardiogenic Pulmonary EdemaAfifi, Rahmi; Fachri, Achmad; Sjarifuddin Madjid, Amir; Prihartono, Joedo; Prasetyo, Marcel; Christian, Andreas
2021-12Reactions on Twitter towards Australia’s proposed import restriction on nicotine vaping products: a thematic analysisSun, Tianze; Lim, Carmen C.W.; Gartner, Coral; Connor, Jason P.; Hall, Wayne D.; Leung, Janni; Stjepanović, Daniel; Chan, Gary C.K.
2021Readiness Management in Handling COVID-19 Pandemic and Early Detection in The Referral Hospital in East Nusa Tenggara ProvinceMerlin, Ni Made; Vanchapo, Antonius Rino
2021Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) Containing Low or No Dairy Compared to Standard RUTF for Children with Severe AcuteMalnutrition: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisPotani, Isabel; Spiegel-Feld, Carolyn; Brixi, Garyk; Bendabenda, Jaden; Siegfried, Nandi; Bandsma, Robert H J; Briend, André; Daniel, Allison I
2022-10Real Ways of Working Together: co-creating meaningful Aboriginal community consultations to advance kidney careBateman, Samantha; Arnold-Chamney, Melissa; Jesudason, Shilpanjali; dkk.
2022-03Real-life experience with antenatal glucocorticoid administration in premature pregnancies complicated by diabetes mellitusDumitrescu, Anca-Gabriela; Salmen, Teodor; Furtunescu, Florentina; Berceanu, Costin; Grigoriu, Corina; Bohîlțea, Roxana-Elena; Popescu, Simona Daniela
2019-10Reassessment of prevalence of tubal endometriosis, and its associated clinicopathologic features and risk factors in premenopausal women received salpingectomyQia, Hang