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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12Obesity and Stunting in Childhood. Do Grandparents Play A Role? A Systematic ReviewPurwaningtyas, Rizki Agustin; Lailatul Barik, Ardila; Astut, Dwi
2022Obesity in Indonesian and Taiwanese Adolescents Related to Self Perception, Diet, Exercise, and Body ImageFauzi, Lukman; Handayani, Oktia Woro Kasmini; Susilo, Mursid Tri; Kurnia, Arif Rahmat; Rahayu, Sri Ratna; Irawan, Fajar Awang; Lu, Frank Jing-Horng; Lin, Cenyi; Lai, Mei Fen; Yu, Ya-Chiao
2020Obesity is associated with depression in Malaysian schoolchildren: A cross-sectional studySaid Nurumal, Mohd; Zainal Abidin, Rohulizzat; Nabeel Ibrahim, Wisam; Lokman Md Isa, Muhammad; Kamil Che Hasan, Muhammad
2021-04Obesity, neural tube defects and folic acid---A complex relationshipKoren, Gideon; Kaplan, Yusuf C
2019-08An observational study on diagnosis and management of adnexal masses in pregnancyN.N. Chavan, N.N. Chavan
2021-08Obstetric outcomes in women of advanced maternal age after assisted reproduction. Rubinshtein, Anna M; Golyanovskiy, Oleg V.
2022-01Obstetric Referral System during COVID-19 Pandemic : Tertiary Referral Hospital PerspectivePusponegoro, Arietta R. D.; Swastika, Chakti A.; Indarti, Junita
2019-01Obstetric violence: Clinical staff perceptions from a video of simulated practiceGraya, Thomas
2019-04Obstetrics and perinatal outcome of grand multiparity in Jordan: a case-control studyThekrallah, F.
2022-05Obstructive uropathy associated with a Retzius space hematoma following postpartum pulmonary embolismSong, Soo Youn; Park, Dan Bit
2022Occupational Accidents Among Healthcare Workers in Central JavaNurmalia, Devi; Ulliya, Sarah; Sulisno, Madya; Ardhani, M. Hasib; Amilia, Rizqi
2021-01Occupational Burnout in Pre-Hospital Emergency Personnel in Iran: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisSahebi, Ali; Golitaleb, Mohamad; Jahangiri, Katayoun
2001Occupational Health and SafetyMauer, Gertrud Auf der; Hollander, Astrid; Huifen, Joann Hu; Hunter, Karen Dawn; Isenbügel, Stella; Kohonick, Melissa; Matveeva, Natalia; Wolfe, Jordan
2019Occupational Respiratory Symptoms Caused by Chemical Hazard on Hairdresser Workers in PalembangAndarini, Desheila; Camelia, Anita; Listianti, Ani Nidia
1985Occupational Safety and Health Guidance Manual for Hazardous Waste Site Activities-
2019-07Occupational Stress among Critical Care Nurses: A Comparative Study of Public and Private SectorChegini, Zahra
2018-05Occupational Stressors in Nurses and Nursing Adverse EventsKarimi, Azam; Adel‑Mehraban, Marzieh; Moeini, Mahin
2022-06Oceans of opportunity for universal beach accessibility: An integrated model for health and wellbeing in people with disabilityJob, Sasha; Heales, Luke; Obst, Steven
2020-04OEIS complex (omphalocele-exstrophy-imperforate anus-spinal defects) in monozygotic twins: a case report and literature reviewY.Q. Xu, Y.Q. Xu
2020-10Office hysteroscopy in cases of recurrent implantation failure; Do or not to dM. Elmahd, M. Elmahd; I. Elfourti, I. Elfourti