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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04The Origin and Development of Grounded Theory: A Brief HistorySuzana Mediani, Henny
2019-04Nursing Students’ Roles and Experiences of Disasters in A Nursing SchoolHindriyastuti, Sri; Mayumi Kako, Mayumi; Ranse, Jamie; Hutton, Alison
2020The Effectiveness of Dhikr to Intensity of Pain during Active Phase in Mothers Getting Inducing LabourMualimah, Nurhidayatul; Nurbaeti, Irma; Palupi, Puspita
2021Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Students amidst COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Study in PhilippinesRey U. Acob, Joel; Arifin, Hidayat; Setiya Dewi, Yulis
2021The Effect of Using Simulation-Based Learning on Nursing Performances of Early Postpartum Hemorrhage in Nursing StudentsPansuwan, Kornkarn; Klankhajhon, Sirikanok
2019-12Factors Affecting the Organizational Commitment of Nurses in Comprehensive Health Services: A Systematic ReviewRofiqi, Erfan; Nuritasari, Rahayu Tri; Wiliyanarti, Pipit Festi
2019-06-12A Scoping Review of the Health Technology Procurement Decision Process in IndonesiaCashin, Andrew; Devi Tumanggor, Roxsana
2019-10-25Amo Ergo Sum — I love, Therefore, I am – Emotional Synchrony: A Norris’ Method of Concept ClarificationTuppal, Cyruz P.; C. Reñosa, Mark Donald; G. Ninobla, Marina Magnolia; Ruiz, Mara G.; Loresco, Richard C.
2019-12-26Are Nursing Students’ Early Course and Perceived Performance Related to Their Final and Actual Course Performance?F. Oducado, Ryan Michael
2020-04-13English Language Proficiency and Its Relationship with Academic Performance and the Nurse Licensure Examination. Oducado, Ryan Michael F; Sotelo, Marianne G.; . Ramirez, Liza Marie M; Habaña, Maylin P.; Belo-Delariarte, Rosana Grace