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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08Holistic approach supporting mental wellbeing of people in enforced quarantine in South Australia during the COVID-19 pandemicD’Onise, Katina; Meena, Sonali; Venugopal, Kamalesh; dkk.
2021-10Audit of the Sydney Local Health District Public Health Unit notification and contact tracing system during the first wave of COVID-19Jain, Naveena; Moore, Corey B.; Quinn, Emma; dkk.
2021-10COVID-19 as a context in suicide: early insights from Victoria, AustraliaDwyer, Justin; Dwyer, Jeremy; Hiscock, Richard; dkk.
2021-10Risk factors leading to COVID-19 cases in a Sydney restaurantCapon, Adam; Houston, Jody; Rockett, Rebecca; dkk.
2021-12Staying safe while staying together: the COVID-19 paradox for participants returning to communitybased sport in Victoria, AustraliaStaley, Kiera; Seal, Emma; Donaldson, Alex; dkk.
2021-12Risk of severe illness from COVID-19 among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults: the construct of ‘vulnerable populations’ obscures the root causes of health inequitiesThurber, Katherine A.; Barrett, Eden M.; Agostino, Jason; dkk.
2022-12Infection control behaviours, intra-household transmission and quarantine duration: a retrospective cohort analysis of COVID-19 casesMcCarthy, Kate L.; James, Douglas P.; Kumar, Nikhil; dkk.
2023-02SARS-CoV-2 Seroprevalence in a Cohort of International Travellers Returning to Rural Australia: Enablers and Barriers to Containment of COVID-19Jackson, Justin; Chan, Chun; McBurnie, Jacqueline; dkk.
2023-02Beyond the case numbers: Social determinants and contextual factors in patient narratives of recovery from COVID-19Hitch, Danielle; Defe´in, Elle; Lloyd, Melanie; dkk.
2023-02Estimating the proportion of Victorians infected with COVID-19 during the Omicron BA.1 epidemic wave of January 2022 in AustraliaAltermatt, Aime´e; Heath, Katherine; Saich, Freya; dkk.