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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01Sacrospinosus Fixation Efectivity in Pelvic Organ Prolapse PatientAdriansyah, Yulius; Fauzi, Amir; Basir, Firmansyah; Theodorus, Theodorus
2019-04Factors Associated with Reproductive Age Couples’ Selection of Sterilization in the Era of the National Health Insurance ProgramNugroho, Achmadi S; Azhari, Azhari; Nurtjahyo, Awan; Theodorus, Theodorus
2019-04Malignancy Risk Factors of Hydatidiform MoleSaputra, Akbar N D; Saleh, Agustria Z; Agustiansyah, Patiyus; Theodorus, Theodorus
2019-07Factors Affecting the Drop Out Rate of Family Planning Intrauterine DeviceAfiati, Mariana; Azhari, Azhari; Basir, Firmansyah; Theodorus, Theodorus
2020-01Effectiveness, Safety and Obedience of Dienogest and Leuprolide Acetate in Postlaparoscopic Endometriosis PatientsPurwanto, Joko P.; Effendi, Yusuf; Manan, Heriyadi; Theodorus, Theodorus
2020-07Accuracy Tests of Serum Vitamin D and Calcium Levels in Chorioamnionitis Patients with Preterm LaborHusna, Muhammad F. C.; Lestari, Peby M.; Syamsuri, Ahmad K.; Theodorus, Theodorus
2020-10The Role of Giving High Dose Calcium for Preventing PreeclampsiaPrasojo, Arief K.; Lestari, Peby M.; Ansyori, Hatta; Theodorus, Theodorus
2021-07Effi cacy of Channa Striata Extract Capsule (Vipalbumin®) for Serum Albumin Level and Wound Healing Postradical Hysterectomy in Cervical Cancer PatientsAkmelia, Chaerannisa; Agustiansyah, Patiyus; Saleh, Agustria Z.; Theodorus, Theodorus
2021-10Risk Factors of Postpartum Urinary RetentionOktharina, Eka H.; Fauzi, Amir; Bernolian, Nuswil; Theodorus, Theodorus; Kesty, Cindy
2022-01Influence Total Hysterectomy against Function SexualZuitasari, Andini; Yusrizal, Ferry; Basir, Firmansyah; Theodorus, Theodorus