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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04Predictors of Family Stress in Taking Care of Patients with SchizophreniaFitryasari, Rizky; Nursalam, Nursalam; Yusuf, Ah; Hargono3, Rachmat; -Mei Chan, and Chong
2018-04The Development of Model Family-Centered Empowerment on Caring for Children with LeukemiaArief, Yuni Sufyanti; Nursalam, Nursalam; Ugrasena, I Dewa Gede; Devy, Shrimarti Rukmini; Savage, Eileen
2018-10Development of the Mind-Body-Spiritual Nursing Care Model (MBS) for Coronary Heart Disease PatientsKurniawati, Ninuk Dian; Nursalam, Nursalam; Suharto, Suharto
2018-10Perceived Benefits and Intakes of Protein, Vitamin C and Iron in Preventing Anemia among Pregnant WomenTriharini, Mira; Nursalam, Nursalam; Sulistyono, Agus; Adriani, Merryana; Hsieh, Pei-Lun
2020Associations between Dependency Behavior and Management Ability in A Cross-Sectional Study of Mother who Care for Children with Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake DisorderBekti Prasetyo, Yoyok; Syamsudin, Alia; Ruhyanuddin, Faqih; Purwanto, Edi; Nursalam, Nursalam; Hargono, Rachmat; Ahsan, Ahsan
2019-04Socio-demographic Determinants and The Family Ability to Care for Children with Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)Prasetyo, Yoyok Beksi; Nursalam, Nursalam; Rahmat, Hargono; Ahsan, Ahsan
2019-04Knowledge, Family Support and Self-Reliance Capital when Caring for Low Birth Weight BabiesAstuti, Erlina Suci; Nursalam, Nursalam; Devy, Shrimarti Rukmini; Etika, Risa
2019-10Analysis of the Risk Factors Related to the Occurrence of Juvenile Delinquency BehaviorAnjaswarni, Tri; Nursalam, Nursalam; Widati, Sri; Yusuf, Ah
2019-10Developing Family Resilience Models: Indicators and Dimensions in the Families of Pulmonary TB Patients in SurabayaRachmawati, Dhian Satya; Nursalam, Nursalam; Amin, Muhammad; Hargono, Rachmat
2021Analysis of Factors Affecting Commitment and Ability of Families to Early Detection in StuntingNursalam, Nursalam; Utami, Sri; Susilaningrum, Rekawati