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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04The role of Australian local governments in creating a healthy food environment: an analysis of policy documents from six Sydney local governmentsReeve, Belinda; Thow, Anne Marie; Baker, Phil; Hresc, Jessica; May, Serena
2020-06Policies influencing the provision of healthy food and drinks in local government-owned sport and recreation facilities in Victoria, AustraliaRiesenberg, Devorah; Blake, Miranda R.; Boelsen-Robinson, Tara; Peeters, Anna; Cameron, Adrian J.
2021-06Promoting cultural rigour through critical appraisal tools in First Nations peoples’ researchLock, Mark J.; Walker, Troy; Browne, Jennifer
2021-06Relevance of the Aboriginal Rethink Sugary Drink media campaign to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal audiences in regional VictoriaBrowne, Jennifer; MacDonald, Catherine; Egan, Mikaela; Carville, Kylie; Delbridge, Robyn; Backholer, Kathryn
2021-10Framing of nutrition policy issues in the Australian news media, 2008-2018Wise, Kirstin; Cullerton, Katherine
2021-12A trial of a six-month sugar-sweetened beverage intervention in secondary schools from a socioeconomically disadvantaged region in AustraliaOoi, Jia Ying; Wolfenden, Luke; Yoong, Sze Lin; Janssen, Lisa M.; Reilly, Kathryn; Nathan, Nicole; Sutherland, Rachel
2022-10Healthy weight, health behaviours and quality of life among Aboriginal children living in regional VictoriaBrowne, Jennifer; Becker, Denise; Orellana, Liliana; dkk.
2022-10Local government policies on healthy food promotion and obesity prevention: results from a national Australian surveyRiesenberg, Devorah; Blake, Miranda R.; Boelsen-Robinson, Tara; Peeters, Anna; Cameron, Adrian J.
2023-02The ability of five different front-of-pack labels to assist Australian consumers to identify healthy versus unhealthy foodsPettigrew, Simone; Jongenelis, Michelle I.; Talati, Zenobia; Dana, Liyuwork M.; Hercberg, Serge; Julia, Chantal
2021Perspective: Design and Conduct of Human Nutrition Randomized Controlled TrialsLichtenstein, Alice H; Petersen, Kristina; Barger, Kathryn; Hansen, Karen E; Anderson, Cheryl AM; Baer, David J; Lampe, Johanna W; Rasmussen, Helen; Matthan, Nirupa R