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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Evaluation of the frequency of mucous retention cysts in the Evaluation of the frequency of mucous retention cysts in the maxillary sinus in a Turkish population using cone-beam maxillary sinus in a Turkish population using cone-beam computed tomographyLacin, Nihat; Tatar, Birkan
2020-02Epidemiology of chronic hepatitis B and C in Victoria, Australia: insights and impacts from enhanced surveillanceMacLachlan, Jennifer H.; Romero, Nicole; Higgins, Nasra; Coutts, Rachel; Chan, Rachel; Stephens, Nicola; Cowie, Benjamin C.
2020-02Epidemiology of sepsis in cancer patients in Victoria, Australia: a population-based study using linked dataMarvelde, Luc te; Whitfield, Ann; Shepheard, Jennie; Read, Carla; Milne, Roger L.; Whitfield, Kathryn
2020-04The case for action on socioeconomic differences in overweight and obesity among Australian adults: modelling the disease burden and healthcare costsGearon, Emma; Backholer, Kathryn; Lal, Anita; Nusselder, Wilma; Peeters, Anna
2021-04Wellbeing recovery inequity following the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence: repeated cross-sectional studiesBegg, Annabel; D’Aeth, Lucy; Kenagy, Emma; Ambrose, Chris; Dong, Hongfang; Schluter, Philip J.
2021-06Surveillance of suicide deaths involving gases in Australia using the National Coronial Information System, 2006 to 2017Burnett, Alexander C.R.; Chen, Nicola A.; McGillivray, Lauren; Larsen, Mark E.; Torok, Michelle
2021-06Opportunities to prevent fatalities due to injury: a cross-sectional comparison of prehospital and in-hospital fatal injury deaths in New ZealandLilley, Rebbecca; Kool, Bridget; Davie, Gabrielle; Graaf, Brandon de; Dicker, Bridget
2021-06Analysis of fatal unintentional drowning in Australia 2008–2020: implications for the Australian Water Safety StrategyPeden, Amy E.; Scarr, Justin-Paul; Mahony, Alison J.
2021-06Epidemiology of unintentional fatal drowning among migrants in AustraliaWillcox-Pidgeon, Stacey; Franklin, Richard C.; Leggat, Peter A.; Devine, Susan
2022-06Travel-weary to travel-worry: the epidemiology of injury-related traveller deaths in Australia, 2006-2017Miller, Lauren; Franklin, Richard C.; Watt, Kerrianne; Leggat, Peter A.