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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Associations of dietary diversity score, obesity, and highsensitivity C-reactive protein with HbA1c sensitivityIrmayanti, Irmayanti; Farmawati, Arta; Br Purba, Martalena
2022-10The prevalence and distribution of health risk factors in airline pilots: a cross-sectional comparison with the general populationWilson, Daniel; Driller, Matthew; Johnston, Ben; Gill, Nicholas
2020The Effect of Whole-Grain Intake on Biomarkers of Subclinical Inflammation: A Comprehensive Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsRahmani, Sepideh; Sadeghi, Omid; Sadeghian, Mehdi; Sadegh, Narges; Larijani, Bagher; Esmaillzadeh, Ahmad
2020Perspective: Dietary Biomarkers of Intake and Exposure—Exploration with Omics ApproachesMaruvada, Padma; Lampe, Johanna W; Wishart, David S
2021Perspective: Design and Conduct of Human Nutrition Randomized Controlled TrialsLichtenstein, Alice H; Petersen, Kristina; Barger, Kathryn; Hansen, Karen E; Anderson, Cheryl AM; Baer, David J; Lampe, Johanna W; Rasmussen, Helen; Matthan, Nirupa R
2021Perspective: US Documentation and Regulation of Human Nutrition Randomized Controlled TrialsWeaver, Connie M; Fukagawa, Naomi K; Liska, DeAnn; Mattes, Richard D; Matuszek, Gregory; Nieves, Jeri W; Shapses, Sue A; Snetselaa, Linda G
2021Effects of Dietary Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load on Cardiometabolic and Reproductive Profiles inWomen with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsKazemi, Maryam; Hadi, Amir; Pierson, Roger A; Lujan, Marla E; Zello, Gordon A; Chilibeck, Philip D
2021Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture: A Systematic Review of Impact Pathways to Nutrition OutcomesSharma, Indu K; Prima, Sabina Di; Essink, Dirk; EWBroerse, Jacqueline
2021Perspective: Measuring Sweetness in Foods, Beverages, and Diets: Toward Understanding the Role of Sweetness in HealthTrumbo, Paula R; Appleton, Katherine M; Graaf, Kees de; Hayes, John E; Baer, David J; Beauchamp, Gary K; Dwyer, Johanna T; Fernstrom, John D; Klurfeld, David M; Mattes, Richard D; Wise, Paul M
2021Perspective: Big Data and Machine Learning Could Help Advance Nutritional EpidemiologyMorgenstern, Jason D; Rosella, Laura C; Costa, Andrew P; Souza, Russell J de; Anderson, Laura N