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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02Hospital characteristics, rather than surgical volume, predict length of stay following colorectal cancer surgeryVicendese, Don; Marvelde, Luc Te; McNair, Peter D.; Whitfield, Kathryn; English, Dallas R.; Taieb, Souhaib Ben; Hyndman, Rob J.; Thomas, Robert
2020-02The health impacts of waste incineration: a systematic reviewTait, Peter W.; Brew, James; Che, Angelina; Costanzo, Adam; Danyluk, Andrew; Davis, Meg; Khalaf, Ahmed; McMahon, Kathryn; Watson, Alastair; Rowcliff, Kirsten; Bowles, Devin
2020-02Epidemiology of sepsis in cancer patients in Victoria, Australia: a population-based study using linked dataMarvelde, Luc te; Whitfield, Ann; Shepheard, Jennie; Read, Carla; Milne, Roger L.; Whitfield, Kathryn
2020-06Parent reports of sun safety communication and behaviour for students in a randomised trial on a school policy implementation interventionBuller, David B.; Reynolds, Kim D.; Buller, Mary K.; Massie, Kim; Berteletti, Julia; Ashley, Jeff; Meenan, Richard
2021-02Are there systematic barriers to participation in cancer treatment trials by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cancer patients in Australia?Cunningham, Joan; Garvey, Gail
2022-06Quantifying the nitrate levels in bottled water in New ZealandChambers, Tim; Joy, Mike; Wilson, Nick; Hales, Simon; Baker, Michael
2020A high glucose concentration is well tolerated by colorectal adenocarcinoma and melanoma cells but toxic to normal human gingival fibroblast: Results of an in vitro investigationAlif Mazlan, Muhammad; Mat Yusof, Afzan; Lokman Md Isa, Muhammad
2020Effects of L-fucose supplementation on the viability of cancer cell linesAlif Mazlan, Muhammad; Mat Yusof, Afzan; Lokman Md Isa, Muhammad
2020An assessment of knowledge, attitude, and practice of the Kuantan community on the effects of monosaccharides on cancerAlif Mazlan, Muhammad; Kamil Che Hasan, Muhammad; Mat Yusof, Afzan; Lokman Md Isa, Muhammad
2021Prognostic Potential of the Preoperative Controlling Nutritional Status (CONUT) Score in Predicting Survival of Patients with Cancer: A Systematic ReviewKheirouri, Sorayya; Alizadeh, Mohammad