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Title: The Efficacy of Chemotherapy in Advanced-Stage Cervical Cancer on Vitamin A Serum
Authors: Nurwany, Raissa
Sanif, Rizal
Noviliani, Amirah
Theodorus, Theodorus
Keywords: cervical cancer
neoadjuvant chemotherapy
randomized clinical trial
vitamin A
Issue Date: Apr-2022
Abstract: The Effi cacy of Chemotherapy in Advanced-Stage Cervical Cancer on Vitamin A Serum Efektivitas Kemoterapi pada Karsinoma Serviks Stadium Lanjut terhadap Serum Vitamin A Raissa Nurwany, Rizal Sanif, Amirah Noviliani, Theodorus Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Faculty of Medicine Universitas Sriwijaya Dr. Mohammad Husein General Hospital Palembang Abstract Abstrak Objective: To determine the effi cacy of neoadjuvant chemotherapy on changes of vitamin A serum in advanced cervical carcinoma patient. Tujuan: Untuk mengetahui efektivitas kemoterapi neoadjuvan terhadap perubahan kadar serum vitamin A pada karsinoma servik stadium lanjut. Methods: A randomized clinical trial was performed in the Oncology Gynecology Polyclinic and Ward of Dr. Mohammad Hoesin General Hospital, Palembang from September 2019 to September 2020. There were 30 subjects of advanced cervical carcinoma. Vitamin A levels and tumor volume subjects were assessed before and 1 month after 3 cycles of NAC and analyzed using the Paired T Test and Wilcoxon test. The correlation between vitamin A levels and tumor volume was analyzed by using Spearman's Rho test. Data analysis was using SPSS version 22.0. Metode: Penelitian uji klinik tanpa pembanding telah dilakukan di Poliklinik dan Bangsal Onkologi Ginekologi RSUP Dr. Muhammad Hoesin Palembang sejak September 2019 hingga September 2020. Didapatkan 30 sampel karsinoma serviks stadium lanjut. Kadar vitamin A dan volume tumor dinilai sebelum dan 1 bulan setelah 3 siklus NAC dan dianalsis menggunakan uji Paired T Test dan Wilcoxon. Korelasi antara Kadar vitamin A dan volume tumor sampel dianalisis menggunakan uji Spearman Rho’s. Analisa data menggunakan SPSS versi 22.0. Results: This study showed statistically not signifi cant increase on vitamin A levels after 3 cycles of NAC chemotherapy (p=0.515). However, there was a signifi cantly decrease in tumor volume after 3 cycles of NAC (p=0.000). In addition, there was a moderate negative correlation between tumor size and vitamin A (r=-0.475; p=0.008). Hasil: Pada penelitian ini terdapat peningkatan tidak signifi kan kadar vitamin A setelah kemoterapi (p = 0,515). Terdapat penurunan secara signifi kan volume tumor sebelum dan sesudah kemoterapi NAC 3 seri (p = 0,000). Selain itu, didapatkan korelasi negatif sedang yang bermakna antara ukuran tumor dan kadar vitamin A ( r = -0,475 ; p = 0,008). Conclusion: It can be concluded that there was signifi cantly decrease in tumor volume after 3 series NAC chemotherapy and the smaller tumor size, the higher level of vitamin A serum. Kesimpulan: Disimpulkan bahwa terdapat penurunan volume tumor setelah kemoterapi NAC 3 series dan semakin kecil ukuran tumor maka semakin tinggi kadar vitamin A dalam serum. Keywords: cervical cancer, neoadjuvant chemotherapy, randomized clinical trial, vitamin A. Kata kunci: kanker serviks, kemoterapi neoadjuvan, uji klinik tanpa pembanding, vitamin A.
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