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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04Yarning up about out-of-pocket healthcare expenditure in burns with Aboriginal familiesRyder, Courtney; Mackean, Tamara; Hunter, Kate; Coombes, Julieann; Holland, Andrew J.A.; Ivers, Rebecca
2021-12ydrocolloids reduce nasal inuries in infants receiving CPAP a systematic reviewNgaisah, Nur; Siti
2021-09Year of the Nurse 2020 and Covid‑19: Opportunities to Support Nurses as Heroes of Health CareBorzabadi, Zahra; Farahani1; Nejat, Nazi
2021-02Young people’s perceptions of substance use norms and attitudes in the LGBT communityDemant, Daniel; Hides, Leanne M.; Kavanagh, David J.; White, Katherine M.
2021-04Young people’s reflections on the factors contributing to the normalisation of gambling in AustraliaNyemcsok, Christian; Thomas, Samantha L.; Pitt, Hannah; Pettigrew, Simone; Cassidy, Rebecca; Daube, Mike
2021Z. mauritiana Leaves as Larvasidal AlternativesNurul, Amaliyah; Purnomo, Aryanto; Khayan, Khayan; Wardoyo, Slamet; Anwar, Taufik
2021-03Zalacca fruit consumption to reduce nausea and vomiting in trimester I pregnant women in Banjarnegara DistrictNur Fajri, Umi; Nirmala Sari, Dian
2020Zinc Supplementation and BodyWeight: A Systematic Review and Dose–Response Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsAbdollahi, Shima
2020Zinc Supplementation and Recurrent Diarrhea in Children in Kasihan Primary Health CareHutasoit, Masta
2022ZincasaNeuroprotectiveNutrientfor COVID-19–RelatedNeuropsychiatric Manifestations:ALiteratureReviewCereda, Guido; Ciappolino, Valentina