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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12Vaginal assisted laparoscopic sacrocervicopexy with anterior colpotomy (VALSAC): technique and mean 20 months outcomesO. Sevket, O. Sevket; T. Takmaz, T. Takmaz
2019-09Vaginal endometrial stromal sarcoma: A literature reviewHongwen, Wu
2019-12Vaginal health: insights, views, and attitudes (VIVA). Results from a survey in South KoreaT.-H. Kim, T.-H. Kim
2019-02Vaginal microbiota composition as a diagnostic tool for bacterial vaginosis in pregnant Korean womenYoung Oh, Kwan
2021-10Vaginal Microorganism Pattern in Premature Rupture of MembraneVanesha, Vanya; Wantania, John J. E; Lengkong, Rudy A.
2020-12Vaginal myomectomy is superior to abdominal myomectomy in treatment effect and postoperative recoveryG.S. Wang, G.S. Wang; B. Wei, B. Wei
2021-04Vaginal pH of Menopausal Women is Related to the Duration of MenopauseSaimin, Juminten; Purnamasari, Yenti; Mulyawati, Sufiah A.
2022-04Validation of risk perception questionnaire for covid-19: Indonesian version for critical care nursesArdiasnyah, Diki
2022-01Validation of the Persian Version of Health Professionals Communication Skills ScaleNia, Hamid Sharif; Salimi, Seyedeh‑Sakineh; Charati, Fahimeh Ghasemi; Hamideh Azimi‑Lolaty; Shafipour, Vida
2021-04-21Validity and Reliability of Indonesian Public Health Nursing Competencies in Achieving Indonesian Healthy Program with a Family Approach: A Pilot StudySusanto, Tantut; Susumaningrum, Latifa Aini; Rasni1, Hanny; Adi Yunanto, Rismawan
2018-10The Validity and Reliability of Quality of Nursing Work Life Instrument for Hospital NursesUtami, Utami; Kusnanto, Hari; Riyono, Bagus; Alim, Syahirul
2019-02-05Validity and reliability of the Teamwork Evaluation of Non-Technical Skills toolWei-Ting Lin, Bih-O Lee
2021Validity of Body-Composition Methods across Racial and Ethnic PopulationsBlue, Malia NM; Tinsley, Grant M; Ryan, Eric D; Smith-Ryan, Abbie E
2021Validity of Body-Composition Methods across Racial and Ethnic PopulationsBlue, Malia NM; Tinsley, Grant M; Ryan, Eric D; Smith-Ryan, Abbie E
2021-04Value of computed tomography-defined visceral fat area as a risk factor for endometrial cancerCho, Jae-hyun; Kim, Jeong Sig
2021-12The value of transvaginal sonography in predicting salvage use of laparoscopy for cesarean scar pregnancyLi, Yue; Su, Yuan
2022-01Value‑Based Education and Critical Clinical SettingsJahanshahi, Reza; Sanagoo, Akram; Jouybari, Leila; Akrami, Forouzan
2020ValuingtheDiversityofResearchMethodsto AdvanceNutritionScienceMattes, Richard D; Rowe, Sylvia B; Ohlhorst, Sarah D
2019-11Vancomycin Infusion Methods on Phlebitis Prevention in ChildrenTork‑Torabi, Maryam; Namnabati, Mahboubeh; Allameh, Zahra; Talakoub, Sedigheh