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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03Uji Coba Model “My” Terhadap Keterampilan Klinis Penjahitan Perineum Derajat DuaFathunikmah, Fathunikmah; Rafida, Rafida
2021Ultra-processed Foods and Cardiovascular Diseases: Potential Mechanisms of ActionJuul, Filippa; Vaidean, Georgeta; Parekh, Niyati
2021Ultra-processed Foods and Cardiovascular Diseases: Potential Mechanisms of ActionJuul, Filippa; Vaidean, Georgeta; Parekh, Niyati
2021-12Ultrasonic diagnosis and clinical management of singleton angular pregnancy: clinical study of a case seriesZhang, Ling; Chen, Suhua
2019-12Ultrasonography-guided hysteroscopic tubal catheterization of proximally occluded tubes - reproductive outcomesS. B. Cohen, S. B. Cohen
2020-06Ultrasound by midwives in the postpartum period: feasibility, reproducibility and midwives’ perspectivesS. Coremans, S. Coremans
2020-04Understanding an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child’s journey through paediatric care in Western AustraliaStrobel, Natalie; Moylan, Carol; Durey, Angela; Edmond, Karen; McAuley, Kimberley; McAullay, Daniel
2015UNDERSTANDING ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY A Visual, Auditory, Interactive ApproachSloan Thompson, Gale RN
2020-12-15Understanding Nurses Experiences and Perception about The Implemention of Emergency Monitoring : A Qualitative StudyHesnia Kholis, Anja; Hidayah, Nurul; Puji Priyanti, Ratna; Asr, Asr; Dian Ellina, Agusta
2021Understanding Pathways Between Agriculture, Food Systems, and Nutrition: An Evidence and Gap Map of Research Tools, Metrics, and Methods in the Last 10 YearsSparling, Thalia M; White, Howard; Boakye, Samuel; John, Denny; Kadiyala, Suneetha
2022Understanding Perinatal Mortality Causes in Indramayu, IndonesiaSukriani, Wahidah; Hilmanto, Dany; Susanto, Herman
2023-02Understanding the confluence of injury and obesity in a Grade 2 obesity and above populationFranklin, Richard C.; Franklin, Janet L.; Swinbourne, Jessica M.; dkk.
2022-10Understanding the effects of being separated from family on refugees in Australia: a qualitative studyLiddell, Belinda J.; Batch, Nicole; Hellyer, Sarah; Bulnes-Diez, Marta; Kamte, Anjali; Klassen, Christina; Wong, Joshua; Byrow, Yulisha; Nickerson, Angela
2021-02Understanding the healthfulness of outlets providing lunch and dinner meals: a census of a rural food retail environment in Victoria, AustraliaAlston, Laura; Versace, Vincent; Brown, Emily; Nichols, Melanie; dkk.
2022Unhealthy Food and Beverage Consumption in Children and Risk of Overweight and Obesity: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisRousham, EK; Goudet, S; Markey, O; Griffiths, P; Boxer, B; Carroll, C; Petherick, ES; Pradeilles, R
2019Unified Theory of Acceptance and Usage of Technology (UTAUT) Model to Predict Health Information System AdoptionNurhayati, Siti; Anandari, Dian; Ekowati, Wahyu
2019-08Unilateral hydrosalpinx is more likely to be associated with negative Igg chlamydia antibodies and bilateral hydrosalpinges more likely to be associated with positive levelsJ.H. Check, J.H. Check
2022Unraveling the Complex Interactions between the Fat Mass and Obesity-Associated (FTO) Gene, Lifestyle, and CancerAbdollahi, Sepideh; Naeemeh Hasanpour, Ardekanizadeh
2022Unsaturated Fatty Acids in Mental Disorders: An Umbrella Review of Meta-AnalysesGao, Xuping; Su, Xin; Han, Xue; Wen, Huiyan; Cheng, Chen
January-February 2019The Unsolved Psychological Consequences of Earthquake Aftershocks in Kermanshah City, November 2017Behzad Heydarpour, Saeid Komasi; Mozhgan Saeidi, Ali Soroush