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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10Abdominal wall endometriosis: An 11-year retrospective observational cohort studyMarras, Sandra
2023-02The ability of five different front-of-pack labels to assist Australian consumers to identify healthy versus unhealthy foodsPettigrew, Simone; Jongenelis, Michelle I.; Talati, Zenobia; Dana, Liyuwork M.; Hercberg, Serge; Julia, Chantal
2022-04Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women’s views of cervical screening by self-collection: a qualitative studyWhop, Lisa J.; Butler, Tamara L.; Lee, Natasha; dkk.
2020-08Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations are taking a leading role in COVID-19 health communicationFinlay, Summer; Wenitong, Mark
2022-10Aboriginal patients driving kidney and healthcare improvements: recommendations from South Australian community consultationsKelly, Janet; Stevenson, Tahlee; Arnold-Chamney, Melissa; dkk.
2019-09Academic Motivation in Nursing Students: A Hybrid Concept AnalysisRafii, Forough; Saeedi, Maryam; Parvizy, Soroor
2022-06Accessibility of web-based health information for women in midlife from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds or with low health literacyBandyopadhyay, Mridula; Stanzel, Karin; Hammarberg, Karin; Hickey, Martha; Fisher, Jane
2022-08Accountability mechanisms of inquiries and investigations into Australian governments’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemicRajan, Rachana; Topp, Stephanie M.
2021-10The accuracy of 3D-TUI and 3D power Doppler using Alalfy simple criteria in the diagnosis of placenta accreta spectrumAlalfy, Mahmoud; Hamed, Soha Talaat
2022-04The Accuracy of Endometrial Sampling and Clinical Affecting Factors as a Predictor of Final Surgical Pathology in Endometrial CancerPromwattanaphan, Lukkana; Satitniramai, Sikarn
2019-07Accuracy of Fetal Weight Estimation Using Hadlock II FormulaAnjarwati, Dwi P.; Insan, Yudhistya N.; Widardo, Widardo
2019-07The Accuracy of Modifi ed Risk of Malignancy Index (RMI) in Predicting Malignancy of Epithelial Type Ovarian TumorTriana, Esfi; Defrin, Defrin; Serudji, Joserizal; Adriswan, Adriswan
2022-02Accuracy of office hysteroscopy in the diagnosis of chronic endometritisMoneim, Mohamed Elmahdy Abdel; Latif, Amany Abdelbary Abdel
2020-07Accuracy Tests of Serum Vitamin D and Calcium Levels in Chorioamnionitis Patients with Preterm LaborHusna, Muhammad F. C.; Lestari, Peby M.; Syamsuri, Ahmad K.; Theodorus, Theodorus
2020Achievement of Adolescent Development, Self Identity and Knowledge about the Dangers of Drug Abuse and Free Sex Through Health Education and Therapeutic Group TherapyZakiyah, Zakiyah; Sutandi, Aan; Pertiwi, Harizza
2020-04AN ACT TO SUPPORT ONLY BREAST MILK FOR INFANTSNurmawati, Nurmawati; Nurfadhilah, Nurfadhilah
2021-04Activation of TRPV4 channels leads to a consistent tocolytic effect on human myometrial tissuesVillegas, Daniela; Giard, Olivier; Brochu-Gaudreau, Karine; Rousseau, Éric
2020-06Acupuncture combined with Chinese and western medicine in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndromeHuang, Xiao-Tao
2020The Acupuncture Effect for Low Back Pain; Biochemical and Protein Profile AnalysisWardoyo, Suwaji Handaru; Badri, Solichan